402 Maple Street is a residence within New Orleans, Louisiana where Harold and Kate, also known as the Wallet Family, reside in the original All Dogs Go to Heaven Film.


  • After finding out Charlie took Harold's wallet, Anne-Marie find the address within his wallet and ventures there. Upon coming to their house, they invite her in for breakfast since it was still morning time. While in the dining room, Harold and Kate become more acquainted with her. Kate then asks Anne-Marie to hang out there while she talks to Harold in the hall. In their hallway, Kate tells Harold that they cannot let her leave them with nowhere to go to which he fully agrees. Vague discussion can be heard about where she could stay (Harold suggests the guest bedroom)
  • During the dog's search, Itchy finds the residence and brings Anne-Marie's favorite toys to their residence to warn them that Anne-Marie is in danger and of what summoned the commotion. Hoards of dogs swarm in the front of the residence in attempt to get their attention. Itchy rushes in when Harold cracks the front door to see what is going on.
  • In the finale of the movie, Anne-Marie rests in recovery in their guestroom. Itchy limps up onto the bed, tucks Anne-Marie's favorite stuffed animal in the bed with her and lays by her side. The Hellhound brings Charlie to the guestroom so he can say his last goodbyes to Anne-Marie. Annabelle arrives within a form of a blue orb and defeats the Hellhound and claims Charlie's soul for heaven.


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