An All Dogs Christmas Carol (also unofficially known as All Dogs Go to Heaven 3) is a 1998 animated television film, which was released direct-to-video in November 1998. It is the final installment in the All Dogs Go to Heaven film franchise and also serves as the series finale to the television series.


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An All Dogs Christmas Carol is a Christmas special based on DreamWorks' All Dogs Go to Heaven. It was originally the 40th episode of the television series, but became its own movie. Don Bluth had no involvement in this film, just like with the second film and the series. Unlike the first two films, this was made direct-to-video. All of the actors whose characters were in the television series reprised their roles.



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Nickelodeon Magazine Advertisement December 1998 All Dogs Christmas Carol Dennys Itchy Charlie plush toy

Advertisement found in the December 1998 issue of Nickelodeon Magazine

  • Like in the first film, Annabelle's hair bunches are white.
  • Charlie and Itchy plush bean bag toys were sold at Denny's in 1998 to promote the movie. ("Oh hi, Denny.")