"An Itch in Time" is the 7th episode of the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series.


Charlie, having never had a birthday party in his life, decides to give David an excellent tenth birthday, even though the latter is in detention for showing off his recording gadget (given to him by his father for his birthday) in school.


David receives a voice recorder on his birthday, as Charlie and Itchy bump into him with it on the streets the following morning. However, David shows off his new gadget in school, and ends up receiving detention. Charlie, who never had a birthday of his own due to him being a street dog, wants to give David a great birthday. Using David's new voice recorder, Charlie creates an impromptu David look-alike with the voice recorder repeatedly saying mathematical equations and sneaks him out of detention. Will Charlie, Itchy, and David play hooky for too long which David knows will soon get him even more detention service?



  • Charlie: Ha! Who's he calling "dirty"?!



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