Anne Marie
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 7
Family Harold (adoptive father)
Kate (adoptive mother)
Friends Charlie B. Barkin, Itchy Itchiford, Flo, David, King Gator, & Killer.
Enemies Carface Carruthers (formerly)
Appears in All Dogs Go to Heaven
Voiced by Judith Barsi
Lana Beeson (singing voice)
Anne Marie is the young female tritagonist of All Dogs Go to Heaven. She is a sweet, innocent, generous, fun-loving, compassionate, well-mannered, gentle & kindhearted little girl who cares for and talks to animals and longs for new parents of her own rather than living a rough life being treated like property by Carface Carruthers. She is the foster daughter of Harold and Kate, the owner of Flo and her puppies, the former owner of Itchy, and one of Charlie's good friends.


Early Life:

Her biological parents are unknown, being that she is an orphan growing up in New Orleans. She seems to be around David's age making her birth year around 1930 or 1931, however there is no known fact of her specific age. She can talk to all animals, which helps Charlie gamble, as well as Carface.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

With Charlie alive and well and reunited back with his friend Itchy, he tells him of the dangers he faces trying to exact revenge upon Carface saying he has a thug with knifes, and a "monster" in his basement. Charlie becomes curious, and finds out that this "monster" is a little orphan girl named Anne Marie, who can speak to animals. Charlie uses his "gift of gab" to sway the girl into living with him (which wasn't hard for him to win her over due to Carface's constantly mistreating of her). She was surprised and frightened at first when Charlie and Itchy came into the basement, but she became happy when they help her get out of the basement and spends the night at the junkyard. She prays, believing that God sent Charlie and Itchy to save her, for gratitude and for help finding her new parents, & finally used a some privately restroom place (at the junkyard, of course).

The next day, she was taken to the horse stables to asked one of the horses who will win the race. At first, she refuses by saying that Charlie is just like "Mr. Carface" because he keeps asking her to ask the horse; but when Charlie said that they would use the money to help the poor like Robin Hood in the bedtime story, she gets excited and asked the girl horse about who will win which turns out to be a horse called the Grand Cha-he.

Charlie sees using her talent to win animal races, as both revenge on Carface and a financial advantage. Anne Marie spots a couple, Harold and Kate seeing them as potentially perfect parents which Charlie and Itchy see as a perfect financial source to begin their bets. Itchy schemes as an injured dog to get there attention while Charlie steals his wallet. During the scheme, Anne Marie begins to get acquainted with them. In the middle of talking to his wife, Kate, she was taken by Charlie to observe the race to her dismay. Anne Marie predicted from a horse that the horse with a birthday would win. The prediction comes true and they celebrate their first win. After some time, Anne Marie watches Charlie and Itchy celebrate the success without her and falls discontent. They begin to buy her the dresses and various accessories she needs for adoption.

When she learns that Charlie's gambling and not even looking for parents, she packs up and tells Charlie she's leaving. Trying to keep her happy, they go around the city helping the poor. Upon their winnings and giving to the unfortunate around the city of New Orleans, he goes to a female friend Flo's residence deeming she is the poorest person he knows. They feed Flo and her puppies pizza and cake. She discovers Charlie has stolen money from the couple she was fond of to create their winnings. She is disappointed in his wrongdoings and goes upstairs upset. She looks at their photo in the wallet and contemplates the her adoption with the happy couple along with Flo and all the puppies and visualizes many possible memories. In the contemplation, she sings "Soon You'll Come Home" to sleep with some of the puppies beside her.

Charlie has grown to care for Anne-Marie as his guilty conscience led to the nightmare after Anne-Marie found out about the wallet he had stolen from Harold. Anne Marie and Charlie start to argue, Anne-Marie was Heartbroken, Charlie looks for her at the residence and one of Flo's puppies tell him that she went to see the Wallet Family to return the wallet. He makes his way there to find she has gained a rapport with the family and pleads her to stay with them. They have invited her to stay for breakfast and get to know her. Charlie sees her happy there and pleads her to stay and that he would make it somehow, but her love for Charlie, she leaves their residence and goes with him. During their outing, they are seen spending quality time together at which they have been pursuit by Carface in his attempt to kill Charlie and kidnap Anne-Marie again. Charlie survives the assassination attempt by Carface and the two escape to safety.

Later, Anne Marie falls sick which Charlie is caring for her. Itchy comes to the residence angry, upset, and beat up from Carface's invasion of their club, and questions Charlie's loyalty towards him over Anne-Marie. Anne Marie overhears Charlie's arguing and venting to Itchy about the burden she has caused them. Filled with heavy guilt of what he said, Charlie runs after her. As she is distant, she screams as she is being kidnapped once more by Carface and his thugs.

Charlie find Anne Marie confined and in a deep sleep. He saves Anne Marie from the Carface and from nearly drowning by sacrificing his own life. Killer pushes her to the shore as the ship has nearly fully sunk. She is medically cared for and taken in by the Wallet Family, Harold and Kate. By sacrificing his life, Charlie has once again earned a place in Heaven. He returns to Anne-Marie with his final goodbye with a personality fully developed into a certain fatherly care for her.

At the end of the film, Annabelle defeats the evil spirit that tries to claim Charlie after he drowned saving Anne Marie. Charlie claims, "You said, I..." She quickly contrast his former disposition in her angelic voice, "Charlie, you gave your life for her... Come home." He begs her, "What about Anne-Marie?" She saying gracefully, "Say goodbye, Charlie." Shortly after, Anne Marie wakes up happy to see Charlie. Charlie lets her know that he is going on a little trip and to take care of Itchy.

Anne Marie sadly says, "Charlie, will I ever see you again?" In a final consideration, he says "Sure. Sure you will, kid. You know, Goodbye isn't forever", indicating his heart will always be with her and there for her in spirit. As she says her goodbye, that she loves him, and kisses him on the nose. For the first time in the film, he accepts her kiss and tells her he loves her too. As she closes her eyes and falls asleep, he feels a slight guilt knowing he will never see her again in person, but starts towards his venture with Annabelle. As he looks back towards Anne Marie sleeping peacefully one last time, Annabelle tells Charlie to come home.


Anne Marie has a sweet, innocent personality with a big heart and is able to talk to animals naturally. When excited or happy she loves to give hugs and kisses. She has a sense of justice when she finds out Charlie has stolen from the wallet from Harold, and she finds out about Charlie's gambling habits and fibs, but proves to be very resilient as most children, having forgiven him for it.


Anne Marie is a young, adorable, Caucasian girl with jet black hair and a pretty smile and beautiful blue eyes. She typically wears a yellow bow over her head. She has a white t-shirt with black overall, red-colored rag dress, with purple stockings and black shoes. In the final part of the original film, it is removed as she sleeps in Wallet Family's guestroom.

Powers and Abilities:

Anne Marie is shown to have the ability called "animal empathy", as she is able to talk to animals. She is a also skilled little girl and can hold her breath underwater for a very long time.


Carface Carruthers

It's unknown how and when Carface found Anne-Marie, and how long he's known her, but she is revealed to be the secret to Caface's successful business with her ability to talk to animals. But Carface initially didn't actually care about Anne Marie, only seeing her as his money maker, he would constantly keep her locked away in his basement and deny her access outside (probably out of fear of losing her, like when he flew into a rage after finding out from Killer that she's gone), an example of when Anne Marie asked him if she could go outside, to which Carface tricks her into talking to a race rat first in exchange, only to go back on his word shortly after. But Carface wasn't just downright abusive to her, as he would get his thugs to feed and tend to her often, trying to keep her alive and fairly comfortable to have her raise his business.

Charlie B. Barkin

In the original film, all Charlie cared about was Anne Marie being his little money maker, with her amazing gift to talk to animals, only wanting to use her much like Carface did, but being the con artist he is, wanted to gain her trust first by appearing like a Robin Hood figure in her eyes, stating that he rescued her from Carface and his reasons for gambling is to "give money to the poor." And unlike Carface, he was more than willing to give her anything she wanted and to keep her happy as long as it gave him what he wanted out of her. But the more time Charlie spent with her, the more caring he became of her, affectionately calling her "squeaker", And near the end of the film, he willingly sacrificed his life to save her from the burning casino ship. By the time they exchanged goodbyes, their union is as powerful as a father-daughter's relationship. He even promised her that they will meet again someday. She also took great pride at Charlie's nice side and stated that she owned him as her dog. He was also very protective over her, going out his way to read her stories and go on normal walks with her. She also uses Charlie as a mode of transportation, riding on his back contently. Anne Marie and Charlie have a very special bond together. They both make a cameo to together in Trolls Park.

Itchy Itchiford

Itchy began to become jealous of Charlie's affections towards Anne Marie, but also grew to care for her as well. He summons dogs for "tarnation" in order to save Anne Marie and goes to Harold and Kate's home with Anne Marie's stuffed animal letting them know she's in trouble. At the end of film, when Charlie leaves for Heaven once more, he leaves Itchy behind with Anne-Marie so she has someone to care for him. Is is implied Anne Marie and Itchy had a very warm companionship thereafter.

King Gator

Originally she and Charlie were going to be his dinner, but after he heard his howl, Gator decided not to eat them and that he would be their friends instead he even returned them to the city later he rescued them from Carface by untying them and freeing her from the cage. He later devoured Carface (off-screen).


His relationship with Anne Marie was being ordered by his boss to look after her and which he complained about, though he did show that he cared about her by helping to save her when he pushes her to shore. 


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  • She was voiced by the late ill-fated Judith Barsi, who previously voiced Ducky from The Land Before Time. This was Judith Barsi's final role before her homicidal murder on July 25, 1988; therefore, she didn't live to see the film's release, released about 18 months later. The end song in the movie "Love Survives" is dedicated in her memory.
  • Don Bluth based Anne-Marie's design and mannerisms on Judith Barsi herself to honor her memory and cope with her tragic death.
  • Lana Beeson sang in place of Judith in "Soon You'll Come Home", due to Judith breaking down in tears in an attempt to sing.
  • She shares the same hairstyle with Wendy's daughter, Jane, from Disney's Peter Pan: Return to Neverland.
  • She looks like a child version of Snow White from Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937 with the exception of her eye color.
  • Anne Marie shares some similarities with the character Penny from The Rescuers. Both are capable of communicating with animals, both want a loving family and both are verbally abused and held captive by the antagonist (Madame Medusa for Penny and Carface for Anne-Marie).
  • Judith's last lines were "Goodbye Charlie, I love you," in her acting occupation.
  • Anne Marie is not even mentioned in All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, or the rest of the franchise, as she was replaced with David since Anne Marie was a dedicated character of the ill-fated actress.
  • Cecilia Nuthatch from We're Back: A Dinosaur's Story has much similarities to Anne Marie.
  • Robyn Starling from Tom and Jerry: The Movie was based off her.
  • She is named after animator Anne Marie Bardwell.
  • One could speculate that the reason Anne Marie never appeared in any further films in the franchise or the tv series was due to the tragic circumstances surrounding her portrayer’s (Judith Barsi) death and it was to respect her body or work and memory; as Don Bluth was very saddened by her passing and had plans to use her “extensively” in future projects.
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