Burt R. Barkin
Burt R. Barkin
Burt R. Barkin
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species German Shepherd
Status Deceased
Age Unknown
Family Loni A. Bowzer (Mate, deceased)
Charlie B. Barkin (Son)
Friends None
Enemies None
Appears in All Dogs Go to Heaven
All Dogs Go to Heaven 2
Voiced by None

Burt R. Barkin is the late father of Charlie B. Barkin and the husband of Loni A. Bowzer. He is a German Shepherd.


Early life

Burt's early life is unknown. At some point in his teens, he met his future wife Loni. After that, they married and she fell pregnant. Loni then gave birth to Charlie. It's unknown about Burt and Loni's relationship with their son, however, it evidently wasn't very good and this led to Charlie running away. Devastated by this, Burt and Loni died.

All Dogs Go to Heaven

Burt and his wife appear in Annabelle's record book of Charlie's.

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

Burt and Loni are mentioned by Charlie to David, in an attempt to persuade him to return home. Charlie mentions to David that when he was little, he ran away from home and he never saw his parents after that.


He did appear to be kind, but firm.


Burt was a large dog with thick grey black fur.


  • This character is named after Burt Reynolds who voiced Charlie in the first "All Dogs Go to Heaven" film.
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