"By the Book" is a song from All Dogs Go To Heaven: The Series. It is used in only the episode "Lance the Wonder Pup." It is sung by the episode's title character at the end of Act I. This is the only song sung by a character who only appeared in one episode.


Rules are made for a reason
Though obviously, you don't find them cool.
Yes, you're the kind of Joe
Who never used to show
At celestial puppy school.
But if I take you on as my protegé,
Soon you'll start to live each day
By the book, by the book.
Says here, "Let kitties be."
In section 3, you'll learn to see.
Read it, and you'll be just like me
If you do it by the book.

When you go back to Heaven,
If you fall in with military pride,
A sporting dog might bet
You make them all forget
How utterly bad you were before you died.
I think a long apprenticeship,
With Lance the Wonder Pup,
Will make you ready when they lift you up.
By the book, by the book.
Yes, I'm a stand-up guy.
When temptation passes by,
Well, darn it! I don't look
'Cause I do it by the book!

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