"Charlie's Angle" is the thirty-fourth episode of the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series.



Charlie is supposed to train three juvenile angels-in-training, but he messes up by training, military-style, them not to serve mankind, but to serve him (snacks, much to Itchy's dismay), so they do badly. Meanwhile, Carface and Killer operate a machine called the HeelBoy 2000 that will turn dogs evil and make them work for him, and even Charlie's attempted skills to whack the machine doesn't work. He won't try to use the puppies because he hadn't trained them or ask Annabelle because she'll find out. They demonstrate this on a Chihuahua named Carlos, just as they had on a poodle. While trying to fight off the monstrous dogs, the Angel Pups are turned monstrous, but not before apologizing to Charlie (though he tells them it wasn't their fault).

Eventually, after the HeelBoy 2000 turns out not to work on Charlie or Itchy, Charlie promises not to abandon his responsibilities anymore. It turns out that "Carface" and "Killer," who are "turning particular dogs evil," actually are Chief and Annabelle (respectively) in disguise, trying to teach Charlie the consequences of abusing authority, that the angels and their secret agents had also pretended to be evil, and that the three angels-in-training had been guardian angels all along. Having had to leave early, the Chief puts the three angel puppies in charge, to so much of Charlie's dismay that he goes inside the fake machine which, despite knowing doesn't work, Annabelle "operates" because it is "fun to watch." During this, Charlie is spun around and made to feel sick.



  • The episode's title is a play on Charlie's Angels.
  • In this episode, Charlie doesn't do the right thing in the end even though he does regret his wrongdoing and promise not to do it again.
  • This episode aired on Fox Family (now Freeform).
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