"Charlie's Cat-Astrophe" is the sixteenth episode of the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series.


Charlie and Itchy are supposed to retrieve a lost cat named Dilly to her owner, but when she is taken in by a woman who despises cats, Charlie and Itchy have to become cats themselves.


Charlie and Itchy are assigned to return a cat named Dilly to her owner. But when Dilly gets taken in by a dog-hating old lady, Charlie and Itchy must use a Miracle Dog Tag to become cats to rescue her!




  • Even though this is the second time Charlie uses the miracle dog tag on himself (the first time being "Heaventh Inning Stretch"), in the episode "He Barked, She Barked," Belladonna lists this "misuse of a miracle dog tag" before "Heaventh Inning Stretch."
  • The breed of Cat Itchy turns into is a Chausie.
  • The Metal Trash cans Cardboard box Trash cans Buildings and Trees must be in Appeared in Fireman sam Thomas and friends Bob the builder and TUGS.

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