"Field Trip" is the second episode of the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series.


Since Charlie and Itchy don't get along, and the former doesn't want the latter going with him on another mission, Annabelle takes Itchy's place as they go on a mission to teach a child exterminator named Teddy not to treat dogs as he treats them - a decision she quickly finds herself regretting! Eventually, after Charlie uses Annabelle's miracle to turn Teddy into a dog and the latter learns about what it's like to be a dog, the mission gets them sent to the pound. Will Charlie admit he needs Itchy?




  • It is the first episode not to have a song.
  • It Must be in Flatbed Truck ti see this Mack R series from TUGS can be spotted in the San Francisco construction site.
  • in the Scene, Charlie Arrived at the Alie, Annabelle Was looking at the Trash find something to eat inside. There Must be in Garbage cans It appears of "Norman's Tricky Day", "Bowled Out", And "Gordon Takes a Tumble".
  • This series had the Sound effect Used horn Sound Like Tugboat From: Theodore Tugboat.
  • This episode marks Pipes Large Creates Steel Pipes Trucks Minichure Crane from TUGS can be seen as Crane lifted Teddy up.
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