Gabriel's Horn is attempts to pass through the Pearly gates using the music they perform in order to open it by only dogs. Without the horn, the Pearly Gates can't be opened, and no dogs go to heaven, but Gabriel Angeles kept his horn in Heaven, which his arch-enemy, Red, tried to use the horn for empty dog angels from heaven, and take over the world.


Gabriel's Horn is made of pure gold, it's looks alike a trumpet and small silver tube in the end. It's protecting in the large glass dome and table.

All Dogs Go To Heaven 2:

The dog angels are alerted of the horn's theft by Annabelle, the head angel, who sends Charlie and Itchy to Earth to retrieve it, find the horn, follow their ears that angels can hear was called "Heavenly Tone" and gives them one miracle to use.

Upon seeing the horn being taken into a police station, they retrieve it, with Carface failing to steal it from them. Refusing to return to Heaven, Charlie conceals it in a lobster trap.

Carface then kidnaps David and demands that Charlie bring Gabriel's horn to Alcatraz Island and give it to Red in exchange for David's life. Determined to fulfill his promise to get David home, Charlie approaches Red, who presses him to give him the horn. He does so, and Red uses it to capture Heaven's canine angels and send them to Earth in the prison cells, including Annabelle. Charlie, Itchy, Sasha, and David fight Red and steal the horn, which Charlie plays to free the angels and send Red back to Hell.

Charlie gives the horn back to Annabelle in exchange for his life and says goodbye to Itchy, who decides to remain in Heaven.

Powers and Abilities:

Gabriel's Horn have the magical powers to play the music and angels can hear it with heavenly tone and chords sing.



  • Magical powers for angel dogs only.
  • Without the horn, the Pearly Gates can't be opened and no dogs go to heaven.
  • It's a way to defeat Red, filled him with water, free the dogs and send him back to Hell.
  • However, Charlie and his friends decide to fight back, resulting in a battle that ended with Charlie blowing the horn, reversing the evil spell.
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