"He Barked, She Barked" is the fortieth and final episode of the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series (not including An All Dogs Christmas Carol as part of the show).


Charlie is put on a trial for supposedly "abusing his angelic position." His accuser is Belladonna, while at court are Annabelle, Itchy, Sasha, and many others.


Charlie is on trial, accused by Belladonna of abusing his angelic position. If he is found guilty, Charlie will be dismissed from Heavenly duties and forced to work for the other side! Will Charlie be able to get out of this mess, or will the judge throw the book at him?



"Why Not Be Happy Now?"


  • In Belladonna's projector, she reveals past transgressions of Charlie: gambling ("Cyrano de Barkinac"), rumbling ("Magical Misery Tour"), faking his identity ("The Doggone Truth"), hijacking a truck ("The Perfect Dog"), and, in three separate ways (which was shown once per season), misusing a miracle dog tag ("Charlie's Cat-Astrophe," "Heaventh Inning Stretch," and "Charlie the Human").
  • This is the only episode of Season 3 to have a song, especially by Sasha.
  • This is also the only episode whose song title is mentioned in the episode by a character and to even be partially played more than once (as in one flashback/story, one of the neighborhood puppies listens to it on the tape player).
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  • It aired on Fox Family (now Freeform).

This season marked:

  • The last episode as the rest of the series (the second half of it) was until Christmas special.
  • The last episode devised Director and produced by John Grusd.
  • The last episode written by Jymn Magon.
  • The last episode to have Paul Sabella Jonathan Dern as executive producer Until the Third Film.
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