"Heaventh Inning Stretch" is the thirteenth episode of the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series.


Charlie and Itchy are assigned to help a boy who wants to join a baseball team. But if they succeed, Itchy is going to move back into Heaven! With the separation between him and his best friend at hand, will Charlie screw up the mission on purpose? Or will he help out and let Itchy go back to Heaven?


Annabelle assigns Charlie and Itchy to help a boy named Leon (last name unknown so far) get on a baseball team, and it has to be done for Itchy to get back to Heaven, but Charlie wants him to stay with him, so Charlie teaches the wrong methods to Leon. When Charlie confesses this to Itchy, it doesn't turn out the way he wants it, as Itchy gets angry and leaves him for keeping him from getting back to Earth.

The next day, Charlie confesses his wrongdoing to Leon, making him angry, as then is the day he tries out for the team. Because of this, Charlie turns himself and Itchy invisible with the Miracle Dog Tag in order to help Leon do it right in front of the coach and the other boys. After this, Leon is accepted on the team and the other boys invite him for pizza. Because of this help, Annabelle takes Itchy back to Heaven with her, and Charlie feels like he can be all right by himself.

However, after some time, Charlie feels lonely playing basketball. Annabelle appears as an image on the basketball hoop. When she asks him why he didn't ask Itchy to stay, he says it is because he (Itchy) would have, and that would have made Charlie feel bad. Annabelle apparently cries (though no tear is shown) of happiness over him saying "the most unselfish thing I've ever heard you say". She then sends an invisible Itchy back down to Earth, explaining how, when Charlie shoots again, it randomly bounces in midair and gets through the hoop. Itchy, while loving Heaven, does admit to boredom, especially because Charlie isn't with him there.



  • The title seems to be a play on "Seventh Inning Fetch".
  • This is one of three times when, according to the episode "He Barked, She Barked", Charlie misuses a miracle dog tag, the others being "Charlie's Cat-Astrophe" and "Charlie the Human".
  • Although this episode is from the first season, it was used as the second time, counting "Charlie's Cat-Astrophe", which is from the second season.
  • He was First Voiced by From Soundworks of Recording Studio.
  • When Annabelle comes to Earth to congratulate Itchy, Her tail's missing.
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