"History of All Dogs" is the thirtieth episode of the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series.


Charlie and Itchy are helping David with a report on dogs, in an attempt to prove dogs aren't boring, especially since David is too tired.


David is taking Charlie and Itchy (on his bike with a cart) to sniff fire hydrants on the way home. He has a report to work on, and he reveals that he has to write a topic on dogs (which bores him), much to Charlie and Itchy's offense. Charlie tells David of how dogs gave man fire with a simple game of fetch, which was by a caveman throwing a stick just to get rid of a dog, only for the dog to use a burning stick against a T-Rex in order to prove him useful, so the caveman accepts him. David tells him his teacher won't accept that. Itchy tells David a more believable story: one in which a young architect of Ancient Egypt shows some ideas, among which are an igloo and the Eiffel Tower, much to the Pharaoh's dismay. So much of it, that they have the architect taken away, but upon seeing a dog digging to build Pyramids, he pulls away and reveals it. Before David could give Itchy any feedback, he falls asleep, much to Charlie's worry over a possibility that David will flunk, become jobless, and live under a bridge with hygiene-talented rats.

Charlie decides to help David with his report by him and Itchy doing a story on his behalf (David's way). He then tells Itchy to start typing as Charlie tells the story. Because Itchy doesn't know how to spell "dogs," Charlie decides to type by himself. Itchy comes up with an airplane as an idea, giving Charlie the idea of how dogs changed the course of history. During battles in Europe, two dogs (those are Charlie and Itchy) are working with a human army whose general reveals the foe is working on a secret weapon in a factory and orders them to blast it to smithereens by night, passing foggy mountains and fire cannons. Because the human soldiers get sick because of someone unintentionally washing his socks in a teapot, Charlie and Itchy thank their lucky stars they don't drink tea. After revealing this mission could change the course of history, the general gets sick, too, and leaves. Charlie decides to take the job by air, much to Itchy's dismay as "flying is dangerous," but Charlie says it is crashing that's dangerous.

Charlie paints a picture of Annabelle on the plane, calling it the Ana-Belle. In the plane, Charlie has Itchy check for fuel, flaps, the tail (at first Itchy checks his own tail, but then, upon finding out what he meant, sees it is in good condition), and chew toys (double check). Charlie then flies the Ana-Belle, and Itchy, dressed in drag as a flight attendant, instructs fastening a seat belt even though he's standing up and not on a seat. Charlie tells Itchy to sit down, so he does. Upon Itchy revealing that he didn't know dogs could fly so well, Charlie asks if he'd heard of the phrase "Bird-Dog."

While Charlie reveals that the dogs were flying into enemy territory, Itchy makes plane noises, pretending to be a plane, waiting for a turn to type out of desire for being a pilot. Charlie agrees, only on the condition to remember that "dog" does not have a Q in it. Itchy starts typing and continues the story revealing that Lt. Itchiford acted so well that part of him was the plane (meaning he made the plane act like a dog). They creep into enemy territory, as the foe shoots the Ana-Belle, much to Charlie's too-late warning. Among the ammo was, "as always," the kitchen sink, sending the plane down to the mountains.

While the plane is diving, Charlie screams while Itchy is just typing Rs on the screen in his sleep. Charlie wakes him up. Itchy is shocked to see what he had done. The plane crash-lands on the snow on a cliff above the enemy territory. Itchy then says he is tired, to Charlie's sarcastic thanks for writing him into a corner. Charlie then grabs Itchy with his teeth and tosses him onto David's bed to continue the story. Because Lt. Itchiford is unconscious, Major Barkin vows to finish the mission. Deciding to find an engine for the Ana-Belle, he checks out the enemy airfield where his skills will be put to the test. He slides down the mountain into the water and checks a crate, one of the planes, a manhole, and the inside of a building.

Major Barkin then brings out an engine with a rope in his teeth and repairs the plane, proving that dogs can repair planes, though few ever get the chance to prove it. Then the dogs move the Ana-Belle, but instead of acting as such, it moves on land at first, but it changes. It flies again. It passes Heaven, making angel dogs move out, and the real Annabelle angrily points at the plane, yet Major Barkin salutes to her. An unknown man, to his dismay, reveals a dog is changing the course of history. He is the head of the enemy, so he calls out his best dog fighter, Captain Killmeister (Killer). Major Barkin tries tailchasing, rolling over, and even burying "bones," but it doesn't work. Captain Killmeister shoots the Ana-Belle down, but Major Barkin does a trick to make Killmeister and his fellow pilots crash into each other and use parachutes as Charlie calls that "plane dead." Captain Killmeister tells the base to send out the secret weapon: something no dog can resist: something that looks like a fire hydrant.

In "reality," Charlie wakes Itchy up and needs him to help him type. He is shown to have missed 7 pages. Lt. Itchiford is conscious again, so Major Barkin has him man the bomb site. As they are moving out into position, the "fire hydrant" comes out. It is only a bomb, though, but it tempts Major Barkin to go near it for how it looks, much to Lt. Itchiford's shock. Major Barkin then dodges it and thanks Lt. Itchiford for stopping him and commands him to (immediately) drop their bombs on the hydrant bomb and it falls on the factory, much to Captain Killmeister's dismay.

Finally, the story is finished, and a tired Itchy says, "The end." It is already morning, and David wakes up to see them still here, but he is shocked to forget about his report. Charlie and Itchy reveal what they did. While appreciating what they were trying to do, David tells them his teacher wants him to write his own report, though Itchy points out he went out of time. David then says it is Saturday morning, meaning he had time to do his own report alone. Though grateful to have help from them, he says he cannot use that report; however, he accepts the fact that dogs are man's best friend.



  • This is David's final appearance overall.
  • It is the first episode to air on Fox Family (which was previously The Family Channel). Reruns of the syndicated 1996 and 1997 episodes aired on that channel, too.
  • David sounds slightly older in this episode than anywhere else. This is because his voice actor, Adam Wylie, was going through adolescence.
  • This is unknown why, but David's stepmother is blonde with curly hair here, though she was brunette with wavy hair in All Dogs Go to Heaven 2.
  • In this episode, according to the story Charlie and Itchy invent, Annabelle is the namesake of an airplane, known as the Ana-Belle, though the real Annabelle makes a cameo, looking angry (though not enough to even be furious) at the sight of the plane.
  • Cave Looked Reference of Norman's Pitfall, And Quarry Rescue.
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