Itchy Itchiford
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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Dachshund
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Family Unnamed owner (formerly)
Friends Charlie B. Barkin, Anne Marie, Flo, David, Sasha La Fleur, Annabelle
Enemies Carface Carruthers (formerly), Killer (formerly), Manfred, Red, Belladonna
Appears in All Dogs Go to Heaven
All Dogs Go to Heaven 2
All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series
An All Dogs Christmas Carol
Voiced by Dom DeLuise
Itchy Itchiford is the deuteragonist of the All Dogs Go to Heaven franchise. He is one of Charlie's best friends.

He is loyal to Charlie in every way a best friend is, but is much more cautious than his risk-taking best-friend. Along with his best friend, he begins to care for Anne Marie and helps Charlie save her. When Charlie goes to heaven in the original film, he stays behind with Anne-Marie on earth. In All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, Itchy's time comes for him to come to go to Heaven, much to Charlie's excitement. He reprises a role alongside Charlie similar to the first film.


Early Life

All Dogs Go to Heaven

Itchy helps Charlie escape from the New Orleans Dog Pound during the beginning of the film. The two venture to Carface Carruthers's (formally also Charlie's) spot to talk to Carface. Itchy stay outside and overhears Carface's thugs and Killer speaking of Carface's motives to murder Charlie in attempt to rid him for good and any potential competition.

Itchy misses out warning Charlie after Carface and his associates threw a party for him during Mardi Gras wishing him good luck in future endeavors. Charlie is taken to a dock where Killer puts a blindfold on him claiming they have an ultimate surprise for him. Itchy shouts for Charlie from a distance, but is not heard. Itchy witnesses Carface and Killer murdering him by hitting him with a vehicle pushed off the dock. He returns home upset and has nightmares of Carface tormenting him. He wakes to find Charlie somehow survived the ordeal.

With Charlie alive and well and reunited back with him, he tells him of the dangers he faces trying to exact revenge upon Carface saying he has thug with knifes, and a "monster" in his basement. Charlie becomes curious and pushes him to go with him to check out Carface's secret. They find out that this "monster" is a little orphan girl named Anne Marie, who can speak to animals. Charlie uses his "gift of gab" to sway the girl into living with him (which wasn't hard for him to win her over due to Carface's constantly mistreating of her). Itchy sways on the idea of taking her saying it's a bad idea out of fear of Carface finding out, but reluctantly follows Charlie and helps him rescue Anne Marie from the confinement of Carface's basement.

With Charlie's lead, they use her talent to win animal races for the financial advantage. Anne Marie spots a couple, Harold and Kate seeing them as potentially perfect parents which Charlie and Itchy see as a perfect financial source to begin their bets. Itchy schemes as an injured dog to get their attention while Charlie steals their wallet. During the scheme, Anne Marie is becoming acquainted with them. While Anne-Marie begins talking to Kate, she is taken by Charlie to the race to view the outcome to her dismay. They experience their first win when Anne-Marie predicted from a horse that the horse with a birthday would win. The prediction comes true and they celebrate their win. After some time, Anne Marie's watches Charlie and Itchy celebrate the success without her and falls discontent. They begin to buy her the dresses and various accessories she needs for adoption.

Through all their winning bets, they manage to construct a business. After they have successfully established their business, Itchy asks Charlie, "What is it with you and this kid? I mean, we have business to run," to which Charlie claims they have to keep her happy. While Charlie and Anne-Marie were away giving back to the poor around New Orleans, Charlie's business was attacked and ambushed by Carface and his associates with him inside. Itchy was fortunate enough to escape, but their business was ruined. 

Struggling from being "roughed" up by Carface and his henchmen, Itchy makes his way to Flo's residence at the church to find Charlie. He approaches Charlie as he is caring for Anne Marie who has fallen sick when underneath New Orleans undercurrents. He reproaches Charlie for nearly being killed by Carface and his gang, questions his loyalty to him, and clearly shows jealousy towards his relationship with Anne-Marie. Anne-Marie overhears Charlie's arguing and venting to Itchy about the burden she has caused them. Filled with heavy guilt of what he said, Charlie runs after her. As she is distant, she screams as she is being kidnapped once more by Carface and his thugs.

After Charlie continues to run after here, Itchy follows not too far behind and is approached by Flo where Anne Marie has dropped her favorite toy. Flo directs Itchy to take it to a certain address at which she had friends, the Wallet Family. Itchy continues as Flo asks, but he asks local canines for directions to the residence. He relays the emergency to the local dogs and they summon a "tarnation" in order to rescue Anne Marie.

Not too long after that, dogs of many breeds sworm the streets in efforts to save Anne Marie. The dogs swarmed Harold and Kate's residence to warn them of Anne Marie's danger. As Harold cracks the door open, Itchy rushes in with Anne Marie's favorite toy. A worried Kate begs Harold to do something. Eventually, they realize why Itchy was there with the stuffed animal that belonged to Anne Marie. They rush out to search for her.

After the confrontation on the ship, Itchy and Flo rushes to the shore to see the ship has fully sunk and Carface's accomplice Killer is pushing Anne Marie to safety. Itchy shakes his head in sadness as there is no sight of Charlie and his survival. Anne Marie is taken by medic for medical evaluation and is taken in by Harold and Kate at their residence afterwards. Overcome with grief, Itchy comes into her bedroom and tucks her stuffed animal in the bed with her and exhaustively lays down beside her. Shortly after, Charlie appears before them with his final goodbyes. He asks Anne Marie to look after Itchy during his departure. She hugs a now sleeping Itchy telling Charlie not to worry and that she will. Whether he heard him or not, Charlie grabs his nose with his paw and says, "Goodbye Buddy."

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

Itchy dies from choking on a drumstick and meets Charlie once again in heaven. As Charlie shows him around, Itchy takes an instant liking to heaven compared to Charlie who expresses (in song) how he's grown bored of heaven, longing to live on Earth again. After Carface steals and loses Gabriel's Horn on earth, Annabelle reluctantly summons Charlie to retrieve it while Itchy is forced to be dragged along to help.

When they reach earth they go to a tavern for dogs & find that they can't interact with the living because they're still ghost. They meet Carface there who can interact with the living due to wearing a magic collar given to him by "a friend of his". Itchy reluctantly follows Charlie who wants to get one so he can meet a beautiful Irish Sitter named Sasha La Fleur whom he heard singing on stage. (Throughout their time on earth, Itchy makes many attempts to convince Charlie to find the horn, but to no avail.) They meet Red who gives them their own collars and warns that they will wear off by sun down the next day. Unknown to Charlie and Itchy, Red is actually a hell cat who wants Gabriel's horn to imprison all heaven dogs and rule the world.

They follow Sasha (after chasing her out of the tavern) to an abandoned backyard where they find her taking care of a eight-year-old runaway named David who's a magician and wants to be a street performer. Itchy becomes fond of David after being shown some tricks and pretty much goes along with it. After a comical mission of retrieving the horn from a police station after locating it, they head to Easy Street after Charlie puts the horn in a lobster cage and knocks it in the dock's lake, much to Itchy and Annabelle's dismay. After a failure attempt to entertain the crowd with his talent, David finally agrees to go back home.

When Charlie and Itchy's collar soon fades away making them ghost again, Itchy follows a desperate Charlie to Red's shop, only to witness Red as he really is. He follows Charlie to the docks after being ordered to get the horn. Once giving the horn, Red uses it to imprison all dogs from heaven, including Annabelle, and he grows powerful. Charlie orders everyone to take David home while he stays to fight Red and make up for his mistakes, but is soon accompanied by the others. Itchy takes the horn and runs with it but after Red challenges him to choose between his friends and the horn, he goes back for them and they split up. After a long battle Charlie finally saves the day and sends Red to hell (with Carface eventually dragged along). They were then called back to heaven to return the horn, and bid each other a farewell as Itchy decides to remain in heaven while Charlie was given a second chance to live on earth.

All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series

In the series, Itchy lives with Charlie on earth instead of Heaven, they are both roommates in a rundown apartment, working as guardian angels and are every now and then assigned to angelic missions by Annabelle (which is soon revealed in a later episode to be the reason Itchy is on earth with Charlie). Itchy also has a love interest in the series named Bess.

An All Dogs Christmas Carol

Itchy assists Charlie in saving Christmas after they learn of Annabelle's demonic cousin Belladonna's evil plot to not only destroy Christmas, but also the lives of dogs around the city with use of a gigantic whistle. And with the help of a miracle dog tag (given by Annabelle), they come to the conclusion of persuading Carface to join their side for once by using ideas from the story A Christmas Carol, with the exception of disguising themselves as each of the three ghosts from the classic tale.

Itchy is the first to go, disguised as "The Ghost of Christmas Past", he shows Carface visions of his puppy-hood, and takes great pity on him after witnessing just what kind of puppy-hood Carface had. Slowly the gangs efforts begin to work on Carface one at a time, and when it was time to blow the whistle, Carface ultimately ceased Belladonna's plot and saves Christmas. It begins to snow at The Flea Bite, pleasing all the puppies and relieving Charlie and the gang, although Itchy expresses disappointment that the puppies have no presents.

Suddenly Carface appears at The Flea Bite dressed as Santa Claus returning all the gifts he stole from the puppies, even giving Itchy along with Sasha a present, and leaves to visit his mother while the gang enjoys the rest of the party. Itchy is last seen with Charlie at the end of the movie as they (after Annabelle) ends the story with a "Merry Christmas" to the audience.


Itchy is an impatient dachshund breed.

His appearance stays the same throughout the franchise. In the first film, Itchy appeared slightly older like Charlie, but no less different from all his other appearances. He is a dachshund with brown fur, while his belly, front and back paws, snout, and the tip of his tail are light brown. He has a dark brown nose, as well as long, dark brown ears, and he is rarely seen without his red cap and sleeveless, short, torn, green shirt.

As a Cat in the episode Charlie’s Cat-Astrophe, He is a Chausi-breed, but still retains His shirt and baseball cap.


Itchy is known to be euphoric, loyal, and funny, but also cautious, independent, industrious, astute, and seemingly paranoid. He possesses a more conservative personality, enjoys the finer things in life, and more stringent with money. Whenever it comes to danger, he itches from nervous tension and shall relieve it by scratching himself even unintentionally knowing he or his peers are in danger or at a certain risk. Like many smaller dogs, Itchy doesn't like to be picked up and is afraid of heights.


Charlie B. Barkin

Itchy is Charlie's best friend and partner.

Throughout the first film, Itchy is loyal to Charlie, but questions his loyalty when it concerns Anne Marie out of some hints of jealousy. In the end of film, He leaves for Heaven once more leaving Itchy behind with Anne-Marie. In the sequel, Itchy finally reunites with Charlie in Heaven and they once again play similar roles as done in the original.

Itchy is not just Charlie's best friend, but also serves as his conscience, as he is often annoyed by Charlie's recklessness and always tries to get him to see his mistakes and to do the right thing in the end. Itchy is sometimes annoyed by Charlie's behaviour Despite how much trouble Charlie drags him in no matter how hard he tries to resist, Itchy is always there for Charlie, and sticks by him in the worst situations, even helping Charlie out of situations. Despite Charlie's influence, Itchy idolizes him, wishing he had the confidence and bravery Charlie has.

It is shown near the end of the flashback scene of the episode "When Hairy Met Silly" that Charlie is the one who gave Itchy his red cap in the first place.


Itchy sees red as a mutual enemy... Red is the main antagonist in All Dogs go to Heaven 2. Although, Charlie makes deals with Red, Itchy sees how his intentions are evil and wrong. Itchy seeks to resist influence and steer Charlie against his influence, examples are telling Charlie not to make a deal or give the horn to Red. Itchy helps Charlie to defeat Red and set things straight with restoring dog heaven.

Anne Marie

Itchy began to be jealous of Charlie's affections towards Anne Marie, but also grew to care for her as well. He summons dogs for "tarnation" in order to save Anne Marie and goes to Harold and Kate's home with Anne Marie's stuffed animal letting them know she's in trouble. In the end of film, when Charlie leaves for Heaven once more, he leaves Itchy behind with Anne Marie so he has someone to care for him. It is implied Anne Marie and Itchy had a very warm companionship thereafter. Itchy never mentions her in the All Dogs go to Heaven 2 film. He has shown to be very sad when he said the burden Anne Marie has caused them and dearly regretted it. In the end of the film, he accepted her as his owner though he does not like being picked up. He also as a special cheer dance with Anne Marie as seen on the intro of the All Dogs Go to Heaven video game.

Carface Carruthers

Itchy is the only one who fears Carface, in contrast to his friends who do not. And because of this, Carface enjoys intimidating Itchy and is like a bully to him, like in the first film where Itchy has a nightmare about Carface choking him before being awaken by Charlie, then later at their newly built casino, where Carface corners and beats Itchy nearly to death along with his thugs, and in the second film where Carface scares Itchy with a mask as he is already spooked over the surroundings of Red's shop. But in the third film, Itchy takes great pity on Carface after witnessing just what kinda puppy-hood he had, and was no longer afraid of Carface after he finally reforms and even gives Itchy a gift.


Itchy becomes acquainted with her when he dies in the All Dogs go to Heaven 2 film. Itchy has more respect and loyalty for Annabelle than Charlie does, and has no problem carrying out her missions to them.

Sasha La Fleur

Itchy has a much friendlier relationship with Sasha initially than Charlie does. They are good friends and always seem to get along well with each other as Sasha is rarely shown losing any patience with Itchy. They are also quite similarity in personality as they both know right from wrong, are quick to assist anyone in need, and often times lecture Charlie about his reckless behavior.


Itchy has the same fondness for David as Charlie, as proven in the second film, when after being shown a magic trick, Itchy instantly became David's friend, and is seen in some scenes playing or hanging with David when Charlie would talk with Sasha. And he equally cared about David's happiness as much as Charlie did, like how he pretty much went with trying to help David achieve his goal of becoming a magician, slightly delaying his desire to return to heaven (but no less stopping), and in one scene where Itchy tried to cheer up David with bringing him food after his magic trick performance went wrong.


Itchy is strongly opposed to belladonna. Belladonna and itchy are strong enemies as Itchy shows a strong hatred for her. When first meeting her, Itchy warns charlie not to accept her offers. Itchy shows strong dislike and often has fear of belladonna. Itchy senses she is an adversary by her alliance with Carfare and Killer. The opposite is true, Itchy being a helper of Annabelle and a close ally to Charlie is opposed by Belladonna. Itchy sees Belladonna is an enemy, by helping Charlie remember he is a guardian angel and seeks to fulfill Annabelle's wishes. Itchy will often do what it takes to stop Belladonna's plots along with Carface and Killer, as seen in he barked and a Christmas carol. Often Belladonna in her diabolical plot will use itchy as a pawn against Charlie,, one example in la doggie vita where he gives up his Allegiance to Annabelle and almost sacrifices Itchy. Belladonna also pulls in Itchy to the board game within kibbleland. Though Charlie's help, Itchy is able to stop Belladonna`s plots. The two are enemies nonetheless.


Bess and Itchy are proven to be a better couple than Charlie and Sasha. As Itchy tries to be the best boyfriend to her, they never bicker or disagree, and it's very rare for Bess to lose patience for Itchy.


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Episode Appearances

Absolutely all of them.

Episodes in which he appeared any way but as himself

  • The Big Fetch (in Charlie's dream, he is "Sam Spaniel" in disguise, even more disguising a cat)
  • Whacked to the Future (in Charlie's dream, he appears as a descendant of his own, known as "Scratchy")
  • Agent from F.I.D.O. (in the story Itchy himself tells about "Double-Dog Dare," he appears as "Tiny")


  • Itchy was voiced by the late Dom DeLuise in All Dogs Go to Heaven, the sequel, All Dogs Go to Heaven 2All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series, and An All Dogs Christmas Carol. This makes him one out of two characters who hasn't changed voice actors throughout the whole franchise, the other being Killer; however, he is the only such character in which that includes the second film.
    • However, in a flashback scene of the episode "Fearless Fido," he is apparently voiced by an anonymous boy or woman.
    • Itchy's voice actor Dom DeLuise also played Fagin in Oliver & Company, Jeremy in The Secret of NIMH, Tiger in An American Tail, Christopher Columbus in The Magic Voyage and Stanley in A Troll In Central Park.
  • When Itchy gets nervous, he scratches himself.
  • Itchy is the only All Dogs Go to Heaven hero to wear clothing in the entire franchise (sometimes, Annabelle was seen in a robe, while in "Charlie's Angle," we see Annabelle's chief wearing slippers), the other characters being Red, Carface Caruthers, and Belladonna who are villains.
  • As the events of the first film took place in the late 1930's, while the sequel's events took place many years later in an unknown year, it is unknown and unexplained how Itchy has lived for decades on earth (after Charlie's death) in between that timeline despite the fact that a dog's lifespan is fairly short, logically meaning that Itchy would have very well been dead (of natural causes) and reunited with Charlie in Heaven way before the second film's events instead of choking to death.
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