Kibbleland is the twenty-first episode of the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series.


Charlie, having played the titular game, has to go into the game with Itchy to rescue Sasha, who had been deceived by Carface, Killer, and Belladonna, who had given her an enchanted gamepiece. In the process, Charlie has to be selfless. Only any guests who are selfless can exit.


Kibbleland's new game has come out and Charlie decides to try it, but he becomes selfish to not only think of himself and nobody else, not even Sasha. This makes the big step become a serious situation, when Belladonna tricks Sasha into playing the game as a big tornado comes and sucks her into the world of Kibbleland. Charlie and Itchy must find a way to rescue her before she's stuck there forever.



  • The episode's title is a play on the game CandyLand, but while that is parodied, so is Jumanji.
  • This Scene of this background is Created by: Rusty and the boulder, Here comes The Squirtle Squad, Heroes, Quarry Rescue, Bulldog.


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