"Lance the Wonder Pup" is the third episode of the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series.


Charlie Barkin gets jealous over a dog named Lance because of his heroic acts, which is because he doesn't like it when Lance takes over his new job. Lance, however, goes by the book.


A new Guardian Angel, named Lance, comes to town. With more heroism and bravery than Charlie and Itchy, Charlie grows jealous of the new, deeply devoted angel. Did Anabelle send this new dog to take over their jobs?



"By the Book"


  • There is an instance of nudity, as at the beginning, there is a statue of a naked god holding a model of the planet Earth.
  • This episode has similarities to Thomas and friends: Rusty and the boulder, Emily Saves the World, Trusty Friend, and Thomas, Percy And the slowcoach.
  • This episode aired on Fox Family (now Freeform).


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