Leon (right)

Leon Lawrence is the tritagonist of the episode "Heaventh Inning Stretch". He is a nine-year-old boy and an only child, possibly with a single mother. His goal is, according to a wish upon a star, to join a baseball team, so Annabelle sends Charlie and Itchy to help him in order for Itchy to return to Heaven, but Charlie deceives him to keep Itchy with him by teaching him some moves that wouldn't work; however, eventually, Charlie makes up and he and Itchy help him get on the team, especially by turning invisible. After Leon is chosen on the team, his teammates invite him for pizza. When one of them asks him his secret, he uses his "bologna in my shoes" thing as an answer.Leon apparently makes a cameo appearance in "Miss Guidance" as a student in David and Alex's class and in "Sidekicked."It is unknown who voiced him.

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