Vital statistics
Gender Female
Species Poodle
Status Alive
Age N/A
Family Unknown
Friends Itchy Itchiford
Enemies N/A
Appears in All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series
Voiced by Hannah Swanson

Lilly isĀ Itchy Itchiford's first girlfriend when she and Itchy were puppies.


She is a purple poodle.



All Dogs Go To Heaven: The Series

Fearless Fido

She talked Itchy into riding the Ferris wheel with her, but she continually shakes the car they were in (to his objections). Itchy tries to stop her from this, but she shoves him away for it, so the handlebar breaks off, and they both slip, with Itchy holding Lilly's paw, but they both fall due to Itchy losing his grip on both of his paws, making them both fall. They survive the fall, but she hopes he never finds another girl who rides with him again.


Itchy Itchiford


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