"Miss Guidance" is an episode of the television series.


Charlie volunteers to go get notes that David's crush, Alex, left in her mom's car. But Sasha must go with Charlie instead of Itchy, because he's sick from running around in the rain. Unfortunately, Charlie doesn't see women as good partners for this type of thing... Looks like it's[clarification needed] time for Sasha to show Charlie just what women can do!


Because Itchy has caught a cold from being in the rain after retrieving a bone game challenge from the junkyard dog Clutch, he can't participate in the following mission (of course, Annabelle didn't assign this): to retrieve science notes for a girl named Alex (who happened to be in David's class) from a car her mother sold to the same junkyard. Because of this, Sasha takes over as Charlie's companion. Will Charlie learn anything useful about girls?




  • Leon Lawrence from the episode "Heaventh Inning Stretch" makes a cameo in this episode.
  • This is the second time Charlie ever takes part in a mission without Itchy, or with anyone female, the first being "Field Trip" (in which Annabelle tagged along). Of course, in that episode, it was because Charlie didn't want Itchy with him any longer.
  • There Used in Sound Effect Crash Metalic From Thomas The Tank Engine Jack & the Sodor Construction Company in Season 6-7 Version in at The Once and at the Same Time in A Friend in Need, and Alfie Has Kittens.
  • But it due to it being in Appercances to their other House construction scrapyard city properties and industrial Railway-based of the series, "Bob the Builder" "Fireman sam" "Thomas and friends" and "TUGS".
  • The Meat Store Door Appercances in Knapford Station Door and window.

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