Moxie's Children are two minor characters in the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series episode "All Creatures Great and Dinky." They are a yellow female and a brown male mice. Despite being Moxie's kids, their names are never revealed, not even by Moxie herself. Like all of the mice (omitting Moxie), they never say a word.

They are first seen playing with a Styrofoam peanut (which later turned out to have been from Carface and Killer packaging fake antiques painted with toxic paint), much to Moxie's dismay. Charlie tells her to lighten up because they are "only kids." She doesn't like them playing with Styrofoam because of the possibility of any of them eating it, which is because if that happens, it will stay in their tummies forever, as it lasts for over 500 years. Therefore, she gives them a wad of paper to play with instead. They do until another mouse blows a toxic paint alarm, prompting Moxie to hide her children under the cover.

They are never seen again, or they may be shown when the mice are celebrating victory in honor of Charlie and Itchy.

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