"Mutts Ado about Nothing" is the ninth episode of the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series.


Bess and Sasha meet for the first time, and decided to plan a double date with Charlie and Itchy in order for the two to stop fighting over each other about them. But the problem they don't know is, is that Anabelle switched Charlie and Itchy's personality souls into the others. Charlie is in Itchy's body, and Itchy's in Charlie's body and it becomes worse.


Itchy Itchiford tries to vacuum the apartment clean, only to find Charlie asleep on the couch with garbage around him. They argue with each other.

Charlie, at the Flea Bite, complains to Sasha (who is serving thawed fish sticks because the supermarket's freezer broke) about Itchy discarding his garbage and "treating him like a child, like he has no manners." During this complaint, he chokes on a fish stick. Sasha turns him around and does an abdominal thrust on him, making what he was choking on fall into a dish of food a dog waiter is carrying. He then leaves eventually.

Meanwhile, Itchy (on a skateboard) complains to Bess about Charlie "not caring whom he hurts." Bess reminds him Charlie is his best friend and asks him if there isn't one thing he likes about him. Itchy says there is, and it's that Charlie isn't here.

That evening, Charlie is buried under garbage, and Itchy takes it out, much to the former's dismay. They argue again and Annabelle, with her image on a window, having been hearing them arguing from heaven, breaks up the argument. She tells Charlie and Itchy to show a little understanding and a little kindness toward each other. She tells them they have a wonderful friendship, but it is at stake. She tells them that if they don't do something to save their friendship, she will. Nonetheless, neither admits his own part of deserving this talking to, and they continue to argue. In fact, they fight by first throwing things to each other, and squeezing ketchup and mustard on each other.

As punishment, Annabelle switches Charlie and Itchy's souls into each other's bodies to the dismay especially of Charlie, but Annabelle doesn't care; she still sticks them with it until they can learn to appreciate each other. They still do not get along at all.

Meanwhile, Bess meets Sasha at the Flea Bite and they resolve to invite their respective boyfriends on a double date.

When Charlie and Itchy receive the invitation, one of them refuses, only for the other to threaten him.

At some kind of dog-type restaurant, Sasha dances with Itchy (as Charlie), who looks at Charlie's paws, causing Sasha to say "Charlie" is acting like Itchy, much to Itchy's embarrassment. They then end up in an accident getting food all over the ladies.

Near the end, the guys apologize to the gals, and then Otto and his gang come out. When Charlie (as Itchy) tries to fight the dog thugs, he gets caught because Itchy is the smaller, weaker dog. Then, Itchy (as Charlie) realizes that as the one in the bigger body, it is his responsibility to be protective, so he fights the thugs, and then Charlie (as Itchy) ties them up to the back of a bus.

After Itchy has saved Charlie, they begin to appreciate each other, so Annabelle then returns their souls into their own bodies, and their friendship is finally saved. Bess and Sasha decide their plan worked and that the guys never knew they even had a plan to bring them together, whereas Charlie and Itchy decide that the girls never knew about the body swap.



  • Its title is a play on the Shakespearean comedy Much Ado about Nothing.
  • It is possible that when Charlie was choking on a fish stick, he was faking it. It is impossible to talk when choking. Otherwise, he might have had a partial airway obstruction, meaning he was choking, but his airway wasn't blocked enough to keep him from speaking.
  • It is like The Odd Couple and/or the Ernie and Bert sketches of Sesame Street because of the two best friends/roommates having a fight, and Freaky Friday because of the body swap.
  • When Charlie and Itchy arrive at the date and Sasha and Bess wave to them, Sasha is given the same fur colors as Bess.
  • At the date, there is an instrumental reprise of "Everything a Girl Wants" from the previous episode.
  • When Sasha and Bess say to each other simultaneously, "If they only knew" and chuckle, Sasha's face turns green twice.
  • When Charlie crashed right into the table and splattered soup at Sasha, it must be in the crashing scene, when heard in Percy’s Crash {1} and Mr. Jolly’s Factory {1}.
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