"Pair-a-Dogs Lost" is the twentieth episode of the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series.


After Itchy gets scared of a movie Charlie took him to at a drive-in cinema, Charlie takes him to a wilderness in an attempt to connect him to his "wolf heritage." Meanwhile, in this same wilderness, where there is a Buffalo Girls camp, a girl named Charlotte Thompson gets lost trying to find the other Buffalo Girls. Charlotte relies on a manual, while Charlie relies on "instincts."


Charlie and Itchy are watching a wilderness movie, and Itchy becomes frightened. Charlie tells Itchy that every dog has got wolf blood in them, even Itchy. Charlie then decides that they are going on a trip into the wild, so Itchy can live up to his heritage.



  • This is When Charlie Shouted, "Look out!" The It crash in to the ground. The tree branch is similar to the scene From: "James and the Trouble with Trees." "Calling All Engines"
  • This Sound Effects Used When Mountain lion Fell Down in Water Splash Heard in "Busy going backward", "Duncan Get Spooked", and "Thomas and the Billboard".
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