"Puppy Sitter" is the fourth episode of the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series.



Charlie and Itchy try to take care of a wild puppy, but the former of whom does it to try to impress Sasha (who is looking for a sensitive mutt). Of course, they are supposed to return the puppy to his own home, as Annabelle says.

One night, on a date, when Sasha overhears Charlie imply (in admission to Itchy) that he never liked having "adopted" the puppy and saying it was because of Sasha, she gets angry and berates him for being selfish and supposedly having "never been a puppy." She walks away from him with a sarcastic "Good night." This talks sense into Charlie, who feels sorry for his behavior. When Itchy asks him if he's okay, he says he'll feel better when they find the puppy. Eventually, they find him howling at the moon in the park.

The next morning, Charlie, deciding that the puppy would eventually be accepted from the pound, sends him to get caught by the dogcatcher to take him to the pound. He is then reminded by Annabelle that the puppy was a wolf pup, the reason for taking him to the park. After this, he and Itchy set of to break him out of the truck. After this, they drop him off at the wilderness where a family of wolves is, and as soon as the wolf pup is dropped off, Charlie feels like he can run with the wolves instead of going out with Sasha, but Itchy objects, as it's not where he belongs. Charlie accepts that fact, and he and Itchy return home.



  • This is one of two episodes where Annabelle speaks any language other than English, as she says, in French, "Bonne chance." ("Good luck," which she says in English first), the other being "Agent from F.I.D.O." in which her character, Cherubic, exclaims "Bon dieu!" ("Good god!" which, however, she does not say in English at all). However, this is the only one of two such episodes in which she, as herself, does so.
  • This episode aired on Fox Family (now Freeform).
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