"Puppyhood" is a song sung by Carface Carruthers in An All Dogs Christmas Carol. It is sung when Itchy, as the Ghost of Christmas Past, shows him his puppyhood, and how he eventually got thrown out by his human family for his rascally behavior.


When the lights go out,
I dream about my puppyhood
And his pint-sized mother took me in one day.
Oh, sure, I broke a rule or two,
The same as any puppy would,
But in his crazy dreams, I still can hear him say,

"He didn't mean to do it."
"I guess ya kinda blew it,
But I'm gonna see ya through it all
'Cause you're may pal."

(spoken) I gotta admit...

Yeah, we was tight.
That squirt was all right.
We used to trash the joint from 6 AM to midnight.

(More to come...)