Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Dog
Status Alive
Age N/A
Family None
Friends Annabelle
Enemies None
Appears in An All Dogs Christmas Carol
Voiced by Myles Jeffrey
Scruffy is one of the minor characters of An All Dogs Christmas Carol. He is one of the angel puppies at the beginning and end and the only one mentioned by name.


He has red fur with green eyes with short little ears and tail.


An All Dogs Christmas Carol

He was racing a slower, female angel puppy to Annabelle and the rest of the angel puppies for story time. When they get there, and the girl puppy asks if they're late, Scruffy blames her for it, only for Annabelle to stop them. When she says the story is about "three ghosts, two bad dogs, and an evil witch," Scruffy says that, as he has thought before, it was a dumb old fairy tale.



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