"The Doggone Truth" is the first episode of the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series.


After having failed one mission (actually, it is apparent that he had failed three), Charlie is put on probation by Annabelle until he does a real good deed. In the meantime, any bad deed, thought, or word (including lying), and he's struck by lightning on Charlie's private part.


Annabelle sends Charlie and Itchy on a mission to save a cat (which the former of the two hates) from getting shot by a bully with a slingshot, but instead of focusing on that, Charlie buys a double chili cheeseburger with onions and pickles. The vendor turns out to be Killer, who deliberately drops the burger, just as the bully shoots the balloon at the cat, and inside the balloon happens to be paint.

Because of this failure, Annabelle lectures him on messing up a good deed "for the last time," though she does understand that "the double chili cheeseburger made [him] [mess up]." She then replaces her robe with a sergeant jacket and helmet. She reveals two previous good deeds that Charlie was also supposed to do, but which he didn't do either: first, he was supposed to help an old dog cross a street, but he never showed up; secondly, he was supposed to return a child's missing milk money, but instead, he spent it on a movie and double popcorn. No excuse Charlie makes (having overslept and been framed, respectively) convinces Annabelle. For those lies, Charlie gets struck with a lightning bolt. Of course, he does dodge the latter, only for Itchy to get struck, yet Charlie still gets struck anyway. Then Annabelle, back in her robe, tells Charlie that if he wants to stay on Earth, he has to earn his stay by doing a real good deed, and until he does, she is putting him on probation. She then dismisses them via tornado, and they fall into a fountain.

After their return, Charlie and Itchy see that the Flea Bite Club was stolen, and the former sees his pool table ejected, and he sees Sasha get kicked (actually, to be literal, lifted and thrown) out. She reveals, as an answer to his question, that Carface came and suggested changes to the club and stole her place. When he wishes he'd been around and Sasha asks, he makes an excuse by saying there was a fire at a zoo and he had to ice down the penguins. Because this was a lie, and lying is bad, Annabelle strikes him with lightning and reminds him that he is on probation, and nothing bad that is done, thought, or said, is allowed, including lying. For this, Charlie confesses, and upon revealing that Killer turned out to be the vendor, he comes to the decision that Carface got them in trouble so they'd be out of the picture.

When Charlie finds out one of the changes was turning the club into an arcade, Charlie begins plotting to knock the block off Carface, and gets struck with lightning, eventually blaming Annabelle (in third-person) for it being hard.

Much later, when it was shown that Carface develops crushes on ladies, Charlie decides on a plan on how to get Sasha's deed back, with a need for "a woman's touch." For this, inside a boat, Charlie and Itchy crossdress as "Charlene" and "Chi-Chi" respectively. Meanwhile, Sasha teaches Carface and Killer about being gentlemen. Sasha glues Itchy's wig onto his head, though it itches, and Sasha quickly re-cross-dresses him and Charlie. According to the first rule, Carface and Killer give gifts (flowers) to "Charlene" and "Chi-Chi," who, however, don't kiss them because they're "not gentlemen yet," but throw them out with toilet plungers in their faces. Then, according to the second, they serenade them with the song "Casanova." Eventually, after the third rule, which is to give the ladies their hearts' desire, Charlie talks Carface into giving him Sasha's deed, then he gives Sasha the deed from the window, only losing his fruit hat in the process. Eventually, he loses his dress, exposing his true identity (not to mention Itchy's) to Carface and Killer. After Charlie and Itchy leave, Sasha dumps a big load of garbage onto the boat with Carface and Killer.

At the end, when the Flea Bite Cafe is returned to its proper form, Annabelle (without her robe) appears to Charlie and congratulates him. She says it isn't quite her definition of "good deed," but she lets him off probation and blows him a kiss before her image is replaced by Charlie's reflection as Sasha returns. When Sasha decides everything's back as it was, Itchy reveals otherwise: his wig is still stuck on, much to Sasha's annoyance.



Casanova - sung by Carface


  • Charlie: I'd overslept.
  • Annabelle: [Sniffs] Liar, Liar, Pants on fire!


  • Charlie: I've been blackmailed.
  • Annabelle: [Sniffs] Oh, that's a good one!


  • Itchy: Owchie! That's smarts! Charlie!


  • Carface: Shut up!


  • While Charlie is on probation, he doesn't get struck with lightning for placing Itchy's cap back on his head when it is still full of water, running while Itchy can't catch up, referring to Carface as a "creep" or a "jerk," saying one of those strikes (for considering knocking Carface's block off) felt good, blaming "the flying nun" for knocking Carface's block off being "too hard," his angry attitude over having to admit he really meant "plan" instead of "idea," or for cross-dressing (though he does get it for claiming his name to be Charlene).
  • This episode aired on Fox Family (now Freeform).


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