"The Perfect Dog" is the title song of the episode of the same name. In this episode, Sasha sings about how she wants the perfect dog instead of Charlie, who doesn't think she'll find the one. Not to mention, Itchy takes occasional part in it, and there are spoken lines.


SASHA: 🎶If you had what it takes,🎶
🎶You would be quite the gentlehound,🎶
🎶A more sentimental hound,🎶
🎶Less of a flake.🎶
🎶You'd be my hero🎶
🎶Instead of a zero🎶
🎶If you had what it takes.🎶

ITCHY: (spoken) Come on, Sasha. What do you want, anyway?
SASHA: (sung) 🎶I want the perfect dog🎶
🎶Who'd never make me wait.🎶
SASHA & CHARLIE: 🎶The perfect dog🎶
CHARLIE: 🎶It's more fun to irritate.🎶
SASHA: 🎶The perfect dog🎶
🎶Who'd shower me with flowers.🎶
SASHA & CHARLIE: 🎶The perfect dog.🎶
CHARLIE: 🎶You'd be sniffling for hours.🎶
SASHA: 🎶So very 'phisticated.🎶
CHARLIE: 🎶That's overrated.🎶
SASHA: 🎶Someone who'd risk his hide.🎶
CHARLIE: 🎶Who'd take you for a ride?🎶
SASHA: 🎶Who'd make me feel so proud.🎶
CHARLIE: 🎶Stop walking on a cloud.🎶
SASHA: 🎶To have them by my side.🎶

ITCHY: (spoken) Gee, it's gettin' awful hot in here, ain't it?

SASHA: (sung) 🎶The perfect dog🎶, 🎶I long to see.🎶
🎶The perfect dog, the dog for me.🎶
🎶The perfect dog. You'll never be🎶

🎶The perfect dog!🎶

🎶I hate to deflate you🎶
🎶Or invalidate you.🎶
🎶This pie-in-the-sky guy🎶
🎶Will just nauseate you.🎶
🎶Life would be boring.🎶
🎶You'd spend all day snoring.🎶
(spoken) Is that what you want?

ITCHY: (spoken) You know, Sasha, if you ask me, I think Charlie's got a point. Don't you think so? I think so.

SASHA & CHARLIE: (sung) 🎶The perfect dog.🎶
CHARLIE: 🎶He's only in your dreams.🎶
SASHA & CHARLIE: 🎶The perfect dog.🎶
SASHA: (spoken) I've had it with your schemes!
I want the perfect dog!
CHARLIE: (sung)🎶 There is no such creature!🎶
ITCHY: The only perfect dog is in an animated feature!
SASHA: 🎶Tender and kind.🎶
CHARLIE: They say love is blind.
SASHA: You're out of your league!

CHARLIE: You're out of your mind!

SASHA & CHARLIE: The perfect dog.
SASHA: I only want...
CHARLIE: You'll never find...
SASHA & CHARLIE: The perfect dog.
ITCHY: (spoken) Come on and kiss.
SASHA & CHARLIE: (spoken) Stay out of this!
(sung) The perfect dog.
SASHA: You'll never be...
CHARLIE: Who'll wanna be...
SASHA & CHARLIE: The perfect dog!

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