"The Rexx Files" is the twenty-second episode of the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series.


After retrieving a mysterious jewel from the Lost-and-Found Department, as instructed by Annabelle, Charlie and Itchy are supposed to guard it until its rightful owner shows up. Meanwhile, disguised as aliens, Carface and Killer are out to take it away.


Anabelle tells Itchy and Charlie to guard a "crystal". Charlie and Itchy have been playing pranks. Charlie thinks he sees a UFO and tells Itchy. Itchy thinks it's just another prank, and leaves. Then the "aliens" come into Itchy and Charlie's home, and scare Charlie away. The "aliens" were actually Carface and Killer. When Charlie finds this out, he polts a scheme to get them back and the "crystal".



"Party on a UFO"


  • During the song "Party on a UFO," Killer appears to have ear coverings resembling a hairstyle like Princess Leia.
  • The Blueshound Brothers from "Dog Eat Dog" make an appearance in the same number.
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