Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Status Alive
Age N/A
Family Martha (owner)
Friends Sasha la Fleur
Appears in An All Dogs Christmas Carol
Voiced by Taylor Emerson

Timmy is a supporting character of An All Dogs Christmas Carol. He has a poor, understanding family of owners, especially a girl named Martha.



He is a crippled puppy (but it is never explained how it happened) whose leg gets worse and worse. Nevertheless, he is cheerful.


An All Dogs Christmas Carol

Timmy is first seen at the Flea Bite where there is a Christmas party. Due to his poverty background and poor condition, Sasha has a donation prepared for his operation. He is dismayed when Carface and Killer show up to make the dogs give them all their bones and steal their presents. Afterward, subsequently, due to the time getting late and the night being Christmas Eve, Sasha walks him home, making sure she's not going too fast for him, but before they can even cross the street to get home, Timmy sees Martha and barks for her attention. She crosses the street to collect him, thanks Sasha (and he waves farewell to her), wishes her a merry Christmas, hugs Timmy (who licks her), and takes him into her house to rebandage his leg.

During a vision Sasha (as the Ghost of Christmas Present) shows to Carface (as an equivalent to Scrooge), she shows Timmy's background. At one point, in an attempt to get presents, Timmy jumps to grab his stocking, only to break a plate of cookies, finally getting a having-been-reading Martha's attention. Sasha reveals that without proper care, Timmy won't live to celebrate any more Christmases. Carface then hopes someone else does him good because, according to a previous vision of his puppyhood from Itchy (as the Ghost of Christmas Present), he hadn't been receiving good care.

In the future vision provided by Charlie (as the Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come), Timmy is shown giving up presents due to being affected by the cursed whistle.

This happens again in reality until Carface, changed, stops Christmas. Finally, when a reformed Carface returns the presents and the money, Timmy refers him to as an uncle.

Timmy was voiced by Taylor Epperson.



Sasha la Fleur

Martha's Mother

Carface Caruthers



  • Because of all this, including that he is from an adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, he is an equivalent to Tiny Tim Cratchit.
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