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"Why Not Be Happy" is a song featured in the final episode "He Barked, She Barked." It is the only song from the third season. It is sung by Sasha to Charlie (who, as she reveals, hates the song, but he convinces her to sing it anyway so he'll become strong enough to come clean), while Itchy fetches things to prove that Belladonna is the so-called "widow dog." Even Killer joins in the fun, but is harmed by a strike from Belladonna.

Sasha sings this song to nearby puppies when they are sad.


SASHA: When life isn't merry,
A fresh bone to bury
Can perk up your point of view.
Those old favorite chew toys
Or soft, squeaky, new toys
Can brighten your outlook, too.
A world of playthings waits for you, young man.
You'll get to them all somehow.
You know each treasure's bound to make you happy.
So why not be happy now?

The cupboard swings open,
And like you were hopin',
Your human brings out that can.
She'll scoop it and chop it
And probably top it
With what's in the frying pan.
You'll dig right in. There's never time to waste
When it comes to tasty chow.
And when you're full, you'll be completely happy.
So why not be happy?
Come on and try.
Why not be happy now?

You'll take so many walks
And steal so many socks
Catch every kind of rubber ball.
Just think of having fun,
And maybe when you're done,
You'll find you're not so gloomy after all.

Now me, I feel cheerful
When I get an earful
Of music or words of praise.
There's water to guzzle
And loved ones to nuzzle.
Well, I could go on for days.
Nothing makes my tail begin to wave
Like a certain puppy's brave bow-wow.
No other sound can make me quite as happy.
HEAD ANGEL: Why not be happy?
SASHA: Why not be happy?
SASHA & OTHER ANGELS: Why not be happy now?


  • This song was nominated for the 2000 Daytime Emmy Awards, but lost to "When I Think of You" from the TV series One Life to Live.
  • An instrumental version of Doing it right be heard of Jingles Bells and piano Flute From: Thomas and Friends Shining time station and TUGS in the UK and Japanese and international versions in 1990's 2000's version.
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